The “EUROPA LUX ” residential complex is located in Baku, in the Nasimi district, on Academician Hasan Aliyev Street, near the intersection with Tbilisi Avenue. The distance to the city center is five kilometers. There is an industrial zone located 500 meters away, and nearby are busy, noisy motorways.

Surrounding Infrastructure: Close to the new complex, there is City Clinic No. 1 and three other large medical centers. Future residents of the apartments won’t have to worry about where to buy groceries, as there are ten grocery stores nearby, including two supermarket chains and a large shopping center.

In the immediate vicinity of the new complex, entertainment facilities are not very numerous, but there is a billiards club 300 meters away and the “Olympic Star” entertainment center a kilometer away. Educational institutions are not very close either; the No. 153 general education school is almost 700 meters away, and the “Leylek” kindergarten is one and a half kilometers away, which may not be very convenient for parents with preschool-aged children.

Some of the windows and balconies feature panoramic glazing, and the building’s exterior is characterized by unusual semi-circular balconies. The building is equipped with modern engineering communications, and each block has fast, silent freight and passenger elevators.

Landscaping: The area of the new complex includes:

  • Playgrounds;
  • Recreation areas;
  • Parking;
  • Shops, cafes, offices, and other infrastructure facilities on the first and second floors.

Complex Parameters: The newly constructed monolithic-frame building consists of three blocks, each eleven and eighteen stories high. The building is constructed on a monolithic foundation, the exterior walls have high energy efficiency indicators, good sound insulation, and provide comfortable living conditions.

Modern street lighting is installed next to the building, roads for vehicles and pedestrians have been constructed, and decorative plants and trees have been planted.