Yeni Bakı

Residential Complex “Yeni Bakı” The “Yeni Bakı” residential complex is a comfortable living complex located in the surrounding area of the city.

Location of the New Building The “Yeni Bakı” residential complex is situated in the Masazır settlement of the Absheron district in Baku. The distance to the center of the capital is approximately sixteen kilometers. The new building is surrounded by an area with a beautiful ecology. There are neither industrial zones nor noisy traffic in the area. Nearby is the Masazır lake, from which the settlement gets its name.

Surrounding Infrastructure Adjacent to the complex are the main facilities of social and domestic infrastructure. There is a general education school, a kindergarten, a post office, a café, several stores, and beauty salons. Within 2.5 kilometers, there are bank branches and entertainment establishments.

Architecture and Exterior Appearance The new building within the city represents 52 houses covering an area of 14 hectares. The building, which has structures ranging from seven to ten floors, is designed in a unified style.

The construction company has used high-quality modern materials and advanced technologies to achieve strong energy efficiency, comfort, and other operational characteristics without causing harm. The facades of the houses are reliably insulated and painted with colored acrylic paint.

Its Own Infrastructure The entire area of the residential complex is divided into functional zones. It includes:

  • A park covering two hectares;
  • A school;
  • A kindergarten;
  • A tennis court;
  • A football field;
  • Several modern children’s playgrounds;
  • Walking promenades and recreation areas.

The complex has street lighting, security services, and an underground garage.

Transportation Exchange Near the new building, there is a bus stop where buses run every six minutes on several routes. After reaching the M-1 road, it is possible to quickly reach the city center by bus or private car. The distance to the international bus station is not more than eight kilometers.

Facilities of the “Yeni Baki” Residential Complex The “Yeni Baki” residential complex is equipped with:

  • Electric generators in the buildings for emergency power supply;
  • An elevator in each entrance;
  • Long-lasting and modern engineering communications;
  • Complex technological equipment that supports the functioning of all systems in the complex.

Apartments and Their Execution In the residential complex, it is possible to buy an apartment by paying the full value or by taking out a mortgage. The complex includes one, two, and three-room apartments with areas ranging from 38-89 m², planned with one or two balconies. The construction company also offers the opportunity to acquire attics with an area of 55-99 m².

The sale of apartments is carried out with renovation, including high-quality “PVC” material profiles for heat-retaining balcony doors and window frames. Internet and cable TV lines are installed in the apartments